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We like to introduce our company “Utility Professionals” as an ISO 9001:2015 Certified  Consulting Company. We have working experience with world famous Consultants such as Lincoln & Scott Thailand, SMEC Australia, APC Australia, WOHA Singapore, TranSolar-Germany, Perkins Eastman-USA, Creed-Japan, etc. Our Major work field is MEP Design & Consultancy. The abbreviation of term 'MEP' is Mechanical (M), Electrical (E) & Plumbing(P). Apart from that, we provide Consultancy on Environment,  Industrial Master-planning, Project Proposal etc. We have a team consisting of 45 Employees. Everyday we like to take new challenges in the field of Engineering.     

We provide our design and consultancy services on following packages:

a) Environment (Air part): Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning System; Environmental Monitoring System; Dust Collection and Pollution Control System; HVAC Validation- DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ

b) Environment (Water part) / Public Health Engineering: Water Treatment, Water supply and distribution System; Drainage system; Sewage Treatment Plant & Sewage disposal system; Swimming Pool MEP system; Deep Tube Well System

c) Electrical Safety: Electrical Power Generation and Distribution system; Lightning Protection and Equipment Earthing System; General Power distribution and Lighting system

d) Fire & Life Safety: Fire Protection, Detection and Alarm System; Fire Safety Plan (Manual) for Life and Establishment Safety; Fire NOC approval from Fire Authority

e) Low Voltage: Telecommunication system; Audio Visual system; Security system for CCTV, Car Parking, Access Control

f) Energy Efficiency: Building Energy Management System; Cogeneration System, Solar Power Generation system; Rain Water Harvesting, Water Recycling

g) Industrial Application: External Drainage System with Rainwater Harvesting, Sewerage Disposal System, Potable Water Distribution System, Process Water Distribution System, Industrial Waste Water Disposal System, Fire Detection & Protection System (Ring Main) Masterplan, Electrical Cable Trench/Tray Layout with Street Lighting, Gas Supply & Distribution System, Steam generation (Boiler), distribution and condensate recovery, Compressed Air generation and distribution System, Traffic Management Plan, Solid Waste Management Plan and Other utility systems based on Application

h) Other Services: Vertical Transportation (Lift) & Escalator system, Detail Engineering Assessment of Fire Safety, Electrical Safety, Lift, Generator, Sub-Station, Boiler, HVAC System, Risk Assessment, Compliance Development, preparation and follow-up of Corrective Action Plan, Training on Compliance Development and Life Safety awareness, Industrial Utility Master Planning, Development Project Proposal (DPP), Feasibility Study, Environment Impact Assessment (EIA)


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