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We like to introduce our company “Utility Professionals” is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified  Consulting Company. We have working experience with world famous Consultants such as Lincoln & Scott Thailand, SMEC Australia, APC Australia, WOHA Singapore, TranSolar-Germany, Perkins Eastman-USA, Creed-Japan, etc.

We provide our design and consultancy services on following packages:

a) Environment (Air part): Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning System; Environmental Monitoring System; Dust Collection and Pollution Control System; HVAC Validation- DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ

b) Environment (Water part) / Public Health Engineering: Water Treatment, Water supply and distribution System; Drainage system; Sewage Treatment Plant & Sewage disposal system; Swimming Pool MEP system; Deep Tube Well System

c) Electrical Safety: Electrical Power Generation and Distribution system; Lightning Protection and Equipment Earthing System; General Power distribution and Lighting system

d) Fire & Life Safety: Fire Protection, Detection and Alarm System; Fire Safety Plan (Manual) for Life and Establishment Safety; Fire NOC approval from Fire Authority

e) Low Voltage: Telecommunication system; Audio Visual system; Security system for CCTV, Car Parking, Access Control

f) Energy Efficiency: Building Energy Management System; Cogeneration System, Solar Power Generation system; Rain Water Harvesting, Water Recycling

g) Industrial Application: Steam Generation (Boiler), distribution and condensate recovery; Compressed Air Generation and Distribution System; Other utility systems based on Application

h) Other Services: 

Vertical Transportation (Lift) & Escalator system; 

Detail Engineering Assessment of Fire Safety, Electrical Safety, Lift, Generator, Sub-Station, Boiler, HVAC System;

Risk Assessment, Compliance Development, preparation and follow-up of Corrective Action Plan;

Training on Compliance Development and Life Safety awareness.

Project Master Planning

Development Project Proposal (DPP)

Feasibility Study


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