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A. Commercial & Residential Projects:

  1. Square Group new Head office Bldg – MEP services (9 Packages) under Eastern Housing Ltd.
  2. DESCO Head Office, Nikunjo, Dhaka- MEP Services under Synthesis Architects.
  3. NASSA Group Head Office: Electrical and Fire Safety compliance.
  4. BRAC-Aarong, 13 Storied Commercial Building, Dhanmandi, Dhaka under Synthesis Arct.
  5. Meghna Group – Residential Project at Baridhara -HVAC, Fire, Plumbing, Electrical.
  6. Narayangonj City Corporation Auditorium- HVAC system under Vitti 

B. Hotel, Resort, Amusement Park Projects:

  1. Radisson Hotel (2,88,500 sft), Cox’s Bazar – Local Consultant for MEP systems. 
  2. Magic Island Theme Park, Keranigonj, Dhaka – Sanitary Plumbing and Electrical Services
  3. Swissotel Dhaka, MEP Local Consultant under Dynamic Engineering Ltd, Thailand

C. Hospitals & Healthcare Projects:

  1. Belevue Hospital, Chittagong- HVAC system.
  2. East West Hospitals, Turag, Uttara – HVAC, Fire and Plumbing, STP, ETP.
  3. BSMMU Extension: MEP consultancy under BOF, Korea.
  4. Patriot Hospital, Satmasjid Road, Dhaka: MEP consultancy
  5. Apollo Hospital, Dhaka – Consultancy on HVAC system upgradation
  6. Ship Aichi Medical Services, Uttara, Dhaka - Consultancy on HVAC, Fire, Plumbing and BMS System
  7. Millennium Hospital, Sutrapur, Dhaka – Consultancy on MEP Services

. Institute and Academic Building Projects:

  1. AIUB new Campus- HVAC, Fire, Plumbing, Site Drainage, BMS
  2. SAILS (South Asian Institute of Advanced Legal & Human Rights Studies) – MEP with Architect: Urbana 

E. Foreign Mission / Office in Bangladesh:

  1. Unocal Bangladesh Ltd. Block 12, Sylhet -HVAC System
  2. Canadian Chancery, Dhaka - Supervision of Mechanical system installation and TAB work under AHCL. 
  3. Standard Chartered Bank  Head office, Gulshan, Dhaka - Supervision of MEP erection works.
  4. Netherland Royal Embassy, DhakaHVAC, Fire, Electrical and Security system.
  5. Franco-German Embassy, Dhaka, HVAC, Fire, Plumbing and Security under Synthesis Architects.  
  6. Triton Textile Ltd, Dhaka office - HVAC system.
  7. Citi Bank NA, Dhaka office, Gulshan, DhakaHVAC and Fire system.
  8. British Council Dhaka Renovation – HVAC, Fire, Plumbing, Security system.
  9. Chevron Bangladesh-Jalalabad – HVAC, Fire, Electrical, Plumbing for Utility Building. 

F. Green Building Projects:

  1. Pearl Trade Center of A. J. Corporation, Gulshan – HVAC, Fire, Security, BMS
  2. American Int’l School, Dhaka – New Cafe Building – HVAC, Fire, Plumbing & BMS
  3. Abanti Textile Ltd, Naryangonj: HVAC, Fire, Plumbing, Electrical, BMS, STP
  4. Blue Creations Ltd. Gazipur – Ventilation, Fire, Plumbing, Electrical, N-Gas, Comp Air, Steam.
  5. Dipta Apparels Ltd. Savar under DIRD Group, – HVAC system
  6. Bengal Knittex, Narshingdi via Vitti Sthapati Brindo Ltd. – MEP System (Held-up)
  7. NASSA Superstar Garments: HVAC, Fire, Plumbing, Electrical, DTW, BMS, etc
  8. South Square under South Breeze – HVAC, Fire, Plumbing system. 

G. IT & Telecommunication Projects:

  1. AirTel MSC 3, Gazipur - HVAC, Fire, Plumbing, Security, Deep Tube Well and BMS. 
  2. DNS Satellite Hub station at Dhaka EPZ.2 – HVAC system.
  3. Data Center, UPS & Battery Room of Radisson CTG - HVAC, Fire, Electrical system
  4. Data Center, UPS & Battery Room of IFIC Bank H/O, Dhaka - HVAC system.
  5. Data Center, UPS & Battery Room of Al-Arafa Bank H/O, Dhaka - HVAC system.
  6. BEXIMCO UP Link Station, Savar - HVAC, Fire, Plumbing, Electrical, DTW under Vumaatra. 

H. Industry - Pharma Manufacturing Projects:

  1. EDCL Gopalganj - HVAC Sub-consultancy under Environ Structure Ltd., Dhaka.
  2. EDCL, Bogra-Design and Validation of HVAC system for Cephalosporin Unit
  3. Beacon Cephalosporin, Valuka – HVAC system design & installation and Validation checking
  4. SMC ORSaline & Biological License area, Valuka, HVAC system design verification and consultancy.
  5. Premier Pharmaceuticals, Noakhali – Design of HVAC system for Solids and Microbiology area.
  6. Novartis Bangladesh Ltd - Design of HVAC system for Microbiology and other Lab areas.
  7. ACME Laboratories, Dhamrai – Electrical System Re-design 

I. Industry- Garments & Textile Projects:

  1. Confidence Denim, Gazipur – MEP Services – Fire, Plumbing, Electrical, Boiler, Gas, etc
  2. Green Smart Shirt Ltd. Gazipur, under Binyash Architects- HVAC & Fire System.
  3. Unifill  Dyeing, Printing & Finishing Mills Ltd (Naryangonj): MEP consultancy.
  4. NASSA Taipei Denim (Comilla EPZ): Consultancy services for MEP compliance.
  5. NASSA Spinners Limited (Comilla EPZ): Consultancy services for MEP compliance.
  6. M & J Group – Genesis Washing: HVAC, Electrical & Plumbing.
  7. Denim Asia Washing Plant – HVAC system design under dsiznscape
  8. SML Packaging Solution BD Ltd-HVAC & Compressed Air System design under dszignscape
  9. UTAH Group 6 nos. Garments Factories Project- Design checking & Fire Safety Plan preparation
  10. Sakata Inx Project Dhaka: HVAC & Fire system design with Fire NOC documentation.

J. Industry – Food and Beverage Projects:

  1. Dhaka ICE Cream (Polar) new Factory, Savar. MEP system design and consultancy.
  2. Pran Industrial Park PIP2, Palash: HVAC Consultancy (Fault detection & solution) on Coating area
  3. Newzealand Dairy, Dhaka – HVAC system for Buiscuit Plant
  4. SRL-MPL Sea Food Industries, Chittagong: design of Fire, Plumbing, STP etc.
  5. Mutual Food Extension, Gazipur – under prescription of GlaxoSmithKline - HVAC & Fire 

K. Other Industrial Projects:

  1. Unilever Chittagong Factory – Fire Protection, Detection and Suppression system.
  2. Hi-Tech Park, Sylhet  HVAC, Electrical, Fire, Plumbing under Vitti Sthapati Brindo Ltd.
  3. SSEOL, Mongla (A Multinational company), Fire Protection and detection system.
  4. Tampaco Foils Ltd, Tongi, MEP Services for new factory under d.zignscape Ltd.
  5. Berger Becker Bangladesh Ltd. Nabinagar, Dhaka, Fire Safety design and consultancy.
  6. Berger Paints Bangladesh Ltd. Feni, Dhaka, Fire Safety design and consultancy.
  7. ACI Motors Industries Ltd, Gazipur: HVAC, Electrical, Fire, Plumbing, Water system, DTW, Comp Air
  8. Hasan Rubber Industries Ltd. Munshigonj- Fire, Electrical with Sub-station and Generator
  9. US-Bangla Hi Tech Industries Ltd, Narayangonj: HVAC, Electrical, Fire, Plumbing, Site Drainage.
  10. Sreejan Unani Laboratory, Sarulia, Demra: HVAC, Fire and Electrical design-consultancy
  11. Bangladesh Edible Oil Ltd. Narayagonj Fire Protection and Detection system (Fire DEA & Safety Plan).
  12. EDCL Dhaka Factory, Fire Detail Engineering Assessment, Fire System Design and Fire Safety Plan.
  13. Trade International – Assembling Industry, Munshigonj: Fire Safety system
  14. Rampal 1350 MW Power Station-Township Project- MEP Services under MW3 Architects
  15. Dhaka-Chittagong-Cox’s Bazar Rail Project -Mech  & Plumbing under CANARAIL, Canada

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